Development of College

The District of Coimbatore has made remarkable progress in the field of higher education since independence. Many philanthropists came forward to carry the torch of learning to the people.

With this noble endeavour of promoting education, Dharmapravarthana, Late C. B. Muthuswamy Chettiar founded the "CBM Sakunthala Memorial Trust" in October 1970.

The CBM College was sponsored by the Trust with the aim of serving the needs of higher education in the growing city of Coimbatore. The College was inaugurated on the First of July 1974 in the immediate presence of the Chief Donor and founder of the Trust, Late C. B. Muthuswamy Chettiar.

Thus was born another temple of learning in the industrial city of Coimbatore. Realising the importance of education at the Degree level, the Management applied to the University of Madras which granted permission for opening of Degree courses in B.A Br.I. History and B.Sc. Br.I. Mathematics, from the academic year 1975 – 76. The College was thus raised into a First Class with a year of its inception and this marks an important landmark in the history of the institution

The next phase of our growth saw the shifting of the College from the temporary premises to its present permanent structure at Kovaipudur.

The construction of the permanent building for the college was taken up in November, 1974 at Sakethapuri, Kovaipudur. The college began to function in its own premises at Sakethapuri, Kovaipudur from 18th June, 1975.

Another significant event was the opening of B.Com. Degree Course and the introduction of Semester Pattern of instruction for the under graduate courses in B.A Br.I. History B.Sc. Br.I. Mathematics and B.Com. from the year 1976 – 77.

The University of Madras granted permission to open P.U.C in the Evening College from the academic 1977-78.

The University of Madras has granted affiliation for B.Sc. Statistics from the academic year 1978 – 79. In the same academic year permission was granted to open B.Com. Degree Course in the Evening College.

In the academic year 1979 – 80, two new courses B.A Economics and B.Sc Chemistry were Introduced. Since 1980 – 81 B.Sc. Degree Course in Mathematics is offered in the Evening College. In the year 1983 – 84 B.A. Economics and B.Sc Chemistry  courses were started in the Evening College.

The college became a post graduate institution with the introduction of the M.Com. degree course in 1980 – 81. The introduction  of M.Sc. Br.I. Mathematics from 1981 – 82 is another feather to our Cap. 1982 – 83 opened the doors for post graduation in Economics. From the academic year 1984 – 85 M.Sc. Chemistry is offered.

The College is affiliated to offer M.Phil. in Economics and Chemistry from the year 1983 – 84. Department of Economics has been recognized as a research department and given affiliation to offer Part-Time and Full-Time M.Phil. & Part-Time Ph.D. courses. The department of Commerce, History, Chemistry, Mathematics, Tamil and English have been offering Part-Time M.Phil and Ph.D.Courses.

Our College has entered into new era by introducing B.Sc. Computer Science from 1986-87 with well equipped Computer centre. The College is offering Post Graduate diploma course in Computer Applications since 1988.

With the assistance of University Grants Commission several projects have been taken up by members of faculty of our college. The Post graduate block had been formally opened on 27 – 3 – 86.

The foundation for a permanent building of our college hostel was laid on the same day and the hostel was ready for occupation from 1988 – 89 onwards. Since its inception the college was affiliated to the University of Madras.

With the formation of the Bharathiyar University the College came under the new University from the academic year 1982 – 83. Late C. B. Muthuswamy Chettiar who was guiding the College since 1974 as Chairman and Secretary relinquished his post as Secretary on 31 – 3 – 83. His devoted and able son Thiru C. M. Ramraj B.Com., took over as Secretary of the College committee on 31-3-83.

The Department of Chemistry has recently acquired the most modern uv.2000 Hi-tech Double Spectrometer from Nissal Sangyo Company Limited, Japan. The spectrometer is useful for both basic and applied research.

The Computer attached to this instrument and the CRT screen permit extension of research in kinetic studies and new material Technology. This College is the 19th Customer of Nissel Sangyo Company Limited, Japan for uv2000 Spectrometer.

We are sure that under the blessing of our Chairman Dharmapravarthana, C. B. Muthuswamy Chettiar, from heavenly abode, the able direction of our Secretary Thiru. C. M. Ramraj, the sincere and faithful service of a team of  young, energetic and devoted members of the staff and by the grace of elders and the Almighty this institution will grow in strength  and usefulness in the years to come and be a shining beacon of guidance to the young students who enter its portals.