Educational Policies of CBM collegee

Educational Policies CBM College, as a regional institution of excellence dedicates its service to the society withbenevolence and (humane values) humanness. Our educational policy promises an over -all development ofstudents in accomplishing their individual aspirations.

Learner - centered teaching, the promotion of research skills in addition to cognitive and social skills andworkshops/seminars /conferences/youth festivals are some such remarkable deeds towards the culmination ofour devoted vision. We frame up the syllabi of some special courses like Communicative English to importsocial dynamism as the core component of our educational system. The College decides upon the speciallectures of eminent academics, who can bestow the innovative and cognitive discourses on social issues,educational/teaching methods and other curricula related aspects.

The continuous internal Assessments/Tests are being conducted to map the learner needs, by the respectivedepartments. Thus the educational policy review is systematically conducted through varied evalutive systemsregularly. CBM Sakunthala Memorial Trust examines these policy inputs and governs the necessary course of implementation.

The secretary seeks to develop such progressive (Educational) academic programmes each year with the helpof selective experts, which in turn, will become the axis of our policy. CBM College enshrines the most dedicated educationists academics and administrative officials, who renderthe significant service of "Education for all" in this new millennium. We vow to be the leonine leaders totransform our nation into a knowledge society.