Library and Reading Room of CBM College


Our library has 31,977 books in addition to research journals and magazines.We also have plans to create pictobase , database and soundbase on certain specific topics. We inculcateaunique library culture that can, in-fact, precipitate social dynamism. CBM Sakunthala Memorial Trust continuesto endorse the necessary plans for improving academic reading and writing. The over head projectors (CDprojectors, VCD projectors) Television are available with the librarian to serve the academic needs.Library subscribes to a vast number of weeklies, Fortnightlies, Magazines, and other some such Fanzines. Wehope to achieve our dedicated and devoted mission of accomplishing learned/socially, skilled graduates, postgraduates in this new millennium.

Research scholars and academics all over the state visit our library for research

Books available

:     31,977



Computer Lab We have a well equipped spacious computer lab with pentium 4 machine's configuration andupto date softwares. We    provide 24 hours lab for the students with the facility to browse the net. College Hostel.Students from outside Coimbatore are admitted in the College Hostel. The expenses are shared by theinmates under   dividing system. The new hostel building for men students of our college is situated in awonderful scenic background of the   sprawling western ghats to the south and the west. It has provision toaccommodate one hundred and forty students.

Extra curricular Activities The College is keen on developing extra - curricular activities for the benefit of thestudents. As per the regulations of the Bharathiar University every student has to serve in any one of the extracurricular activities namely NCC/ NSS/ SSL/ YRC/ Sports and Games for two years, failing which they will not beawarded degree.

Campus Cleaning , Tree planting and watering.

Organizing Blood Donation Camp, Blood Grouping Camp and General Medical Camp AIDS awarenessprogramme

Awareness about the evils of Drinking and Drug Abuse.Celebration of national importance days and specialdays announced by the Govt.

Celebration of road safety week, fuel conservation programme etc.Environmental education programme.

Propagation of eradication of social evils like castism, communalism, corruption, adulteration,hoarding,profiteering, untouchability, drug addiction etc.Construction of sanitary latrines urinals, etc.Construction ofhouses for homeless people at low-cost.

Creating of ‘Grow-More Trees’, Consciousness among people, 'Women Empowerment’ and       that they too contribute to economic and social well being of the community.Social Service during festivals and meals.Assisting the authorities in distribution of rations , medicines, clothes etc.Programmes of work during emergencies.Assistance to the health authorities in inoculation and immunization supply of medicines etc . Work in orphanages, home for the aged etc..