Mission, Vision, Goal and Objectives of CBM College

CBM College, a regional institution of excellence, inculcates the most needed academic training along with theauthentic accomplishment of cultural mores. Our academics have been successful in identifying the learner needs and furnishing the dynamic global demands of our policies that can determine the equality of opportunities for posterity.

The institutional framework enhances the scope of our students by organizing exemplary seminars and guestlectures of eminent academicians on the modern social. economical and managerial issues. The learnerefficiency is the significant focus of our curricula, which enriches the academic atmosphere through sustainedefforts of our highly qualified faculty members.

The functional flexibility and the convenient timing of our institution can be cited as the reasons for this learnerfriendly environment. Our glorious tradition of fulfilling the societal needs and necessaries through education isconducive for the upliftment of the younger generation of our society.

The culmination of our academic training instils the vibrancy of knowledge through skill and ethics inaccordance with the changing epistemic conditions.

The ideal objectives of our Trust:

1. Establishing educational institutions to educate and elevate the society.

2. To provide helpful medical service.

3. Establish and aid the libraries to accomplish the ideal of knowledge society.

4. Provide beneficial medical aids and scholarships.

5. Encourage the students to achieve mastery over languages.